How I Wear: Sliders & Jeans

Chunky Necklace: New Look*
Stripey Crop Top: Choies*
Jeans: New Look
Bucket Bag: EBay
Golden Zara Slider Dupes: Choies*

I have to say I do like sliders aka fancy slippers lets just admit it, they are great for the hot weather here and literally go with everything and are a great dupe of the Zara ones. As I knew I wouldn't be doing much I kept it casual, that's the beauty of these golden beauts they make jeans look so snazzy. So this is how I wear them for casual shopping, going for coffee, playing Clash of Clans on my iPhone you get the picture. It's been such a beautiful summer this year, the weather has been amazing and I will be sad to see it go. How pretty is this top, it's not my usually style but I just loved the print and way it moves. I have been loving stripes this season. 

I am looking forward to autumn, I love to layer (plus all the winter party wear hello sequins) and play with texture which is more tricky when it's hot. When it's hot you just want to wear as little as possible to avoid the horrid tan lines, I've given up already as I have t-shirt tan and strap marks ha ha. I've dyed my hair and said good bye to this colour now, so I look forward to showing you my new hair colours. 


  1. I'm not a fan of sliders, but I do really like these! They look a lot nicer than the ones I've seen around and I love how you've styled it! :) Great casual look hun ^_^

    CAT xo
    What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

  2. Sliders remind me of hotel slippers.


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