Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me Machine- Is It A Coffee Lovers Must Have?

First thing in the morning I'm not the most together person, for as long as I can remember I've been a night owl. So having two young boys woke me at 7 am is not ideal, but that's the joys of being a parent I guess. As much as I like a cup of tea (or ten) sometimes it's lacking in an energy boost, and so I turn to it's sister coffee to kindly lift my eyelids and leave my zombie self feeling a little more human. But like most people I make awful coffee, it's either too strong, to milky. At the same time grabbing coffees from my local favourite but now trendy (yuk) coffee shop are so stupidly overpriced, I am left broke by the end of the week -Also only managing to afford three regular coffees if I'm lucky.

So can Dolce Gusto* solve my coffee woes, I was excited to see. Or would this be one of those gadgets that would be pushed to the back of the cupboard to live a life of gather dust. Firstly I liked the size being the mini me machine, it fits nicely onto even the smallest worktop. I'm currently having my kitchen done, but before I literally had one worktop (I kid you not). So how does it work and do you need to do a mass of tasks just to get one drink? The great thing with this machine is that you can any kind of coffee and more that you fancy that day, hot or cold. 

I love that it has the frothy drink option like Latte Macchiato, steamy Hot Chocolate as this is what I like when getting a drink from the coffee shop you can't beat a frothy drink.  It comes with a small pack of pods to get you started, and it's super easy to work. You fill the back attachment with water (on average you get two drinks pre-fill), than switch it on and wait for the light to turn green. Lifting the long middle part, unlocks the lower part where you place your chosen pod (each pod has bars shown on the front, and the box shows you which order to place pods). Than shut both and it locks in, move the level to the bar shown on pod and than it's a case of just switching the handle at the top to either hot or cold. In no time at all the cup will start to fill. Once you have done it a couple of times you will be a pro, and if you forget what bars, it's all on the box so you can not go wrong.

For some drinks you only use one pod, for a lot of the other drinks such as frothy ones you use two. I had never tried a lot of the coffees listed, so it's been great discovering some I love and others I know are not for me. You can only use pods once sadly, but than this keeps flavour at it's peak rather than drinking a cup of slop so it's actual a good thing.I like that the machine is easy to clean, some of us lazy bones (aka me) tend to give up on machines that are a pain to clean so I rate this highly. I think the only think that can add up is the cost of the pods, as like I said sometimes they taken two so it looks like you have a massive supply as you don't tend to half it and just see whats there. But it still works out cheaper than my coffee shop, and I'm getting more coffee for my money. 

Over all I actual love this machine, to the point where I don't know how I functioned some mornings without it. If your after a machine that can make a host of drinks including coffees than this is a must, it's small but powerful and is great for those in a hurry as once you get use to the steps you can do it in your sleep. The only thing  would say is take into account the cost of the pods, but if your going to be drinking coffee or hot drinks anyway than it's a good investment rather than all those coffee shop runs and helps you avoid all the extra add ons - Sorry coffee shop you can keep those £4.50 brownies I have a packet of nice biscuits in my cupboard. Plus the boys love the hot chocolate feature, as they can pretend they are having a coffee too. 

This machine is currently on sale at amazon is you can pick it up at 40% off. Pods available in supermarkets and online. Features 2 year guarantee.


  1. I have a machine similar to this, it's so good!
    I know what you mean about wondering how you lived without it hehe


  2. I went to stay with my Auntie recently - she's got a Dolce Gusto machine and it's safe to say I took full advantage of it! Haha :) I loved the macchiato latte pods, they're so nice. I really want to try the chai tea lattes too though! This little machine is on my Amazon wishlist and I'm hovering over the buy button!
    emmerliejay x


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