How I Wear: A Skater Skirt (Festival Style)

Prada Glasses: Pretavoir*
Mermaid Top: Charity Shop
Skater Skirt: River Island
Sandals: Primark (current season)
Nail Polish: Models Own  (in Sunhat)
Rucksack: Primark
Stacking Rings Primark and Claire's

I'm not sure why I didn't post this outfit, but as I was going back over photos to edit I thought actual it's not that bad. This is a little more exposed I guess than what I'm use to, I'm not the most body confident person so tend to prefer to cover up more. This year I've been on a mission to break away from tights, and I think I've done well as I have not worn any in ages. Last year I think even in the baking heat I would wear them. So yes sorry this is an oldie, but I hope it gets you feeling a little braver too. 

I got this vest top in a charity shop ages ago, and it just sat in my room looking sorry for it's self. I just thought screw it, and I'm glad I did. As I'm pear shaped the skater skirt is my best friend, as it gives me back my waist and the length of this one is perfect as I'm a shortie. These sandals were a bargain from Primark, and they tie in nicely with my bag. I seem to be in Festival mode even if I have not be able to attend any this year (boo hiss). For me this summer saver has been stacking rings, I also got these at Primark but if you take your old rings and swap them on to the fingers that don't fit you can achieve this without buying any. 


  1. Loving those sandals - might have to pick up a pair myself!

  2. Lovely festival outfit.

  3. You look so pretty xx

  4. perfect festival outfit! you look really lovely :)

    cat // je suis cat xx

  5. Law you and gorgeous and crazy!! Love it xx


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