Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show Off Mascara

When it comes to mascara Rimmel is my go to, I've used their mascara for years now so when they bring out a new one with a different wand or formula I'm always excited to try it. This has actual been around for a few years, but some how managed to escape my attention as I have never used it before. My everyday mascara is the Scandal Eyes in extreme black, it can be a little clumpy, but I actual prefer a bit more of a bat lash. 

So let's talk firstly about the wand it's made out of hard plastic, which personally I hate the feel of. However I do like the wand shape, as it's pinches in it makes it easier to apply to the inner corners of the eyelashes. The formal is drier than their others, which actual works well with the wand to define lashes more and separate them out giving you a clump free fuller lash look. I did end up with some on my eyelid and my under eye, which I get sometimes with others but not as much as with this. 

I think that's the down side to the shape of the wand too, but perhaps with practise this can be avoided. I think if you prefer to have clump free lashes two coats give you fullness without them. As I do like a thick 60s lash I went for three coats. I like the packaging of this product, but overall it wasn't for me. I think Rimmel Show Off mascara* is suited to those that want a more natural lash look, rather than dramatic lashes. I think I will stick to my other one, as I have very straight lashes I need mascara with impact. This mascara is 
available from Chemist Direct for £6.49


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