Macadamia: Healing Oil Treatment

As someone who loves her alternative coloured hair, I loathe how dry bleaching can leave it. Sadly if you want bright colourful hair, you have to use bleach unless your a natural blonde (why am I not a natural blonde *cries into laptop). As well as using hair masks, I asked some of my fellow bloggers what I could use during the day. Everyone said to use hair oil, and give me a ton of different ones to try. I ended up buying a couple, but I just always go back to the Macadamia healing oil. Firstly it smells like a perfume I wore in my early twenties, Angle by Thierry Mugler which I still love. 

I usually run this through my hair when it's still wet, than let it dry natural as I've been avoiding heated tools to give my hair a break. If I'm having a really bad hair day, I'll rub some in my hands to heat it slightly and apply it to just the ends (don't pour heaps on, a little at a time is best). It really helps to soften your hair, from when it's looking a bit wiry. You can also rub it all over and into your scalp, but use your fingers not your palms as this apparently causes damage. I steam my hair once a week, by covering my hair in oil than wrap a heated towel around my head as this helps the oils to absorb. I've done to saved my hair from needing the chop, and it's dramatic improved it's condition.  I usually leave it on for around 10-15 minutes.

This bottle has lasted me ages this is the medium one at 30ml, as like I said unless your steaming your hair all over I just tend to use it in my ends. I love the smell and it's never sticky. I would recommend this for anyone who has really dry hair, you can use it if you have oil hair but too much oils extracts more dirt to it. Maybe use it every now and than, just to boost hair strength and shine. Even on fine hair this would work well as it's doesn't weight the hair down and it's nice and gentle. I would  however avoid this if your not a fan of the scent of sandalwood, and of course if you have a nut allergy it's best to avoid. 

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment available from Beautybay at £5.59 for a 30ml and £24.41 for a 300ml with pump bottle ( they are on offer). 

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  1. I want to try this, I've just ran out of my moroccanoil and the 300ml bottle is A LOT cheaper :D



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