If I Were At A Festival

Tropical Print Top / Beaded Choker/ Temp Fake Tattoos/ White Platform Sandals
Crocodile Sunglasses/ I Don't trust Me Vest/ Stacking Rings/ Monochrome Sandals
Floral Kimono/ Quilted Backpack/  Knee High Boots/ Red Lipstick

As it's festival season I thought I would put together a little inspirational post. Sadly as my boys are still so little, I'm missing out on the all the fun again, I think once they are a bit older I'll be able to go and enjoy some with them. So this is my 'if I was going' ideas, if it was a muddy one of course I'd have to swap up my shoes. But as this is my dreamy one I want with this fab sandals, and these Kate Moss style boots. I love pom pons, so this two piece set is beyond ideal. 

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have seen my love for stacking rings they instantly add a cool vibe to any outfit. There is no better bag than a backpack, if your walking around and trying to snap phones and drink you need a bag that won't get in the way. I would probably be a little wilder with makeup, but if your not into glitter a bold lip will keep you looking glam. I don't care what anyone says, I love fake tattoos ever if you have real ones already they are still fun it's like being a kid again (remember to leave the damp cloth on for a while, or you will end up with half of one). Are you going to any festivals? Let me live through you. 

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