Liz Earle Orange Flower & Chamomile Cleanse & Polish Launch

As the Chelsea flower show was in full swing, Liz Earle themed the launch around it with a beach flower display (were ever 'there' is count me in) Chelsea in bloom and it even won a sliver award. As Hayley showed me the new cleanse and polish, we had floral head crowns made for us from real flowers. I have never felt so girly, and it felt like summer in the store dispute the rain outside (aww London life). When I was younger Liz Earle was very much for the mature lady (those clever grannies), but us younger gals can't resist great skincare for long and now it's pretty hard to find someone who doesn't have some in their beauty cabinet. 

Liz Earle's cleanse and polish hot cloth cleansers, are already every beauty bloggers must have so I was looking forward to seeing the new limited edition for us sensitive souls. Orange flower not only smells amazing it's also calming for the skin, so combining it with chamomile makes it perfect for anyone with breakouts or if your skin is easily irritated. There is plenty in the bottle at 150ml and you only need a little, also it's cruelty free and they use natural active ingredients. The cleanse comes with two pure muslin cloths, so you won't have to dig around your beauty cabinet looking for cotton wool. I love a hot cloth as it really opens the pores, and just lets the cleanser work it's magic without scrubbing your skin to death. I think I must have looked a little mad, as I could not stop smelling it in the store. Plus it looked amazing surround by all the flowers, I wish I could wear a real flower crown every day. 

So what's the cleanser like (apart from smelling amazing), and how did it leave my skin feeling. It's gentle and leaves your skin super soft, and with a warm glow it's like waking it up from a deep sleep of looking grey and dull. As the girls from chalk pr test some on my hand, it's instant love my skin feels renewed. One thing I really need to start getting in the habit of is the cleanse, tone and moisturise the Liz Earle motto. It's simple but effective, it also means you don't have those awful panicked morning of  scrubbing your skin red raw from the night before (yes I'm naughty). I've already starting using mine, and with only a few days use my skin is a lot softer. As someone who suffers from bad acne, I would recommend this. It leaves skin refreshed without leaving the skin dry and tight, which for me a lot of other cleansers tend to do. I did have a look at their other new lines as looking online is not the same as seeing products up close and personal. I adore their new nail polish colours, which were being used by bloom nails to paint flower designs. If I had not painted my nails the night before, I would have gone for some nail art.

Sadly this is limited edition, so if you want it you better get it quick. It's available from Liz Earle stores and online and selected John Lewis and Boots from their fab counters but be quick as it's while stocks last. It's £19.75 for 150ml bottle - this includes the two muslin cloths from 26th of May.  

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