Push Pineapple

Crop Top/ Fruity iPhone Case/ Sliver Sandals
Bomber Jacket/ Paint Stroke Skirt/ Cat Tights/ Pineapple Top/ Pug Bag
Pineapple Cross The Body Bag/ Fruity Earrings/ Festival White Dress

Growing up as a kid in the 80's every party played the song Agadoo, aka the song that makes everyone feel they have some dance talent. False.

Thankful the pineapple didn't lost any street cred, and no one plays this song unless they want everyone to leave the party rather than having a dance off. This tropical fruit became a fashion darling must this season, and it seems the pineapple is not going anywhere *sighs with relief. I've always loved a colour print, and if that's mixed in with fruit than ever better (everyone wore tropical print in the 80s, and got it oh so right). I'm not sure why, but the pineapple is thee coolest when it comes to fruit prints followed by watermelon for me. So as I know that some of you are also mad for it, I put together all the things that have been in my wish lists (that I want to move into my basket soon). Now all I need is the sun back, it's been raining in London which is a bit pants when I want to feel the warmth of sun on my legs and enjoy a n ice cream. What's your favourite fruit print? I have some fruity nail art D.I.Y coming up this week, so at least if it's raining you can still get a fruity fix. 


  1. Loving this prints! xx


  2. I am absolutely obsessed with pinapples hahaa!
    I love them, I love the top on the middle post to! GORGEOUS

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

  3. Love the hero and cape tee!


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