I Can't Walk In Them

Of course like most girls I had a Barbie, I had a lot if I'm honest most had missing heads as I was a bit of a tomboy when it came to play time. One thing that I did rate Barbie on, was her fashion sense and of course her shoes so many styles and colours. On the other hand I was completely freaked out by Barbies feet, I assumed it must of been due to her wearing heels but they were a mangled mess. Even in her slippers they arched upwards, oh Barbie you poor love put your feet up. But than as I look at my own shoe collection, there is a big chunk I know I'll never leave the house in. Why? Well who wants to see a grow women, cling for dear life off of strangers. No one, no one wants to see that. Barbie just jumped into her jeep, she really didn't have to walk anywhere or just stand in one spot. I have no jeep, and sadly have to move around. So why keep them, why either buy them in the first place. 

Image: unknown

I'm a logical person, when it comes to making a decision I always weight up the pros and cons but for some reason shoes over power my logical side. I'm not as bad as I use to be, when I was younger I would happily cripple my feet into amazing shoes (hello Barbie feet). It was what every girl did, no one wanted to admit to each other that actual we were all in pain and that our poor feet were dead. Also heels always look prettier, I think flats are starting to get there now. Is it okay to blame everyone in films and TV shows, if so than I'll go with that too. I mean Carrie Bradshaw, was forever jamming her poor feet into beautiful but stupidly high heels and we loved her for it.

I guess I use to like looking at them, as some shoes really are mini pieces of art. But now I'm at a point where I just think whats the point in having shoes I can't wear. At the same time giving them up, and knowing that another person will wear them kills me. Yes this is the true madness of it. Than you have those that were indeed born to wear heels, they have passed the it hurts zone into walking on their tip toes even without shoes. Yes their feet are forever dead, but how I wish I were them they wear shoes that make grown men's eyes water. Heels naturally make your legs look longer, so I guess being of the short girl variety I would love to pretend that I have the legs of a supermodel. 

Even if it's not shoes, we are all guilty of buying things and not using/wearing them. Yes it can be wasteful, and costly but it seems that we all have a weakness for things we convince ourselves are needed. It's taken a lot of years, but I'm finally ready to make the change. Now when buying shoes I try them on, and if I can't even walk to a mirror in them they can stay in the shop. Yes sometimes I wanna cry because they will be dreamy, but I want shoes I can wear. Shoes that make me feel good, shoes that don't leave my feet looking like someone has been at them with a hammer. No Barbie feet thanks.


  1. I have never mastered heels because I just refuse to be in pain as I have way too many places to be! Xx

  2. My feet are truly ruined - mostly down to summers spent outside in bare feet in the past, and running in shoes which didn't fit, and of course, high heels. I now hate to wear sandals or flip flops as I'm too self-conscious about my feet.

  3. My Barbie never had many shoes, as I always lost them! She had one pair of wedge heels, I believe. Very ahead of the trends!


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