Beauty School Drop Out

Top: New Look*
Necklace: New Look*
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo
Skirt: Primark
Boots: River Island*
Bag: Primark (old)
Jacket: Primark via EBay

Yes I finally dyed my hair from purple to mint, everyone seems to be going purple at the moment (it's fabulous why wouldn't you) so I'll go back to it when everyone gets fed up of it that's just me. I've wanted mint hair for ages, I ended up buying six different colours and just could not decide if pink/rainbow/red if you know me you know I've been a lot of colours. Thankful after hitting the bleach I was left with a baby blue colour, and after seeing a billion photos on the Internet of colours with mint/ mint mixed hair I thought well it's easy. I added a little none green underneath, like the first time I ever dyed my hair here but I want to go back to a more pastel colour. 

I finally wore this Primark number, AKA that blogger skirt. I think we all owe this right?  Ha ha. I just tucked in my cage top, and throw on my chunky boots today. To keep it a little lady like I pinned my hair and used this very old but very cute bow bag. My nails are inspired by Sarah from A million Dresses (check her out she has made like a billion of her own dresses which are divine), I saw her heart nails ages again and as my real nails are now long enough I could finally try it. So not only will I have a pineapple nail tutorial for you, but a heart one too. We have a little sun in London which I hope lasts the week, oh also I have a giveaway coming this week. Stay Tuned :)


  1. this outfit is all kinds of perfect, so Grease! love how the sleeves kind of match the pattern on the skirt and those boots are fierce. your hair is gorg mint too! xx

  2. I have this skirt but I've not yet got around to wearing it. I think I've seen so much of it that I'm sort of bored of it already. I used to have this bag and really loved it - bet it's still around somewhere.

  3. Your hair looks incredible, I love the mint green shade! Wishing I was still blonde so I could dye mine fun colours like this. And that skirt is so lovely, it looks so nice with your bag and nails!

  4. Your mint hair looks gorgeous, and I love the victory roll style! Makes me kinda miss the mint colour my hair faded to from turquoise. Your nail are amazing too, mine are never long enough to do the heart tips. xx

    ☾ ☾

  5. The mint is gorgeous and I seriously love that mani xx

  6. love the outfit & your nails!

  7. Love your seapunk hair and wonderful style, such a breath of fresh air.

  8. You are so beautiful, I love this skirt on you!

    Maria xxx


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