How I Wear: A Slogan Tee

Denim Jacket: Gap via Charity shop
Jelly Shoes: River Island
Jeans: New Look
Bag: Old
Cute As Top: Mink Pink via Asos
Necklace: Choies*

Back in the day I would have worn this without a second thought, but being a parent makes you question everything. So it's taken me forever to put other peoples judgement aside, and just embrace it and wear it because I want to. I love the cute little pugs and bunnies on it, lets face it Mink Pink can do no wrong. It was a bit of a lazy day, so I throw on my high waisted jeans, my oversized denim jacket and legs necklace. These jelly shoes from River Island are so comfortable, I've had pairs of this style that have cripple my feet rubbed like hell but these glittery beauties are perfect.

I have been watching a heap of makeup tutorials on You Tube, and as I have a whole room of fake eye lashes (okay not a room but a lot) I thought I may as well try out all these different looks. I'm trying to master the cut crease (getting that blend and line just right) and a couple of other looks that I've always avoided. I always feel my makeup ends up looking mucky, I long to be one of these girls that has that ' I woke up like this' makeup damn them. Still practise makes perfect I guess. My nails have grown really long again and I'm so happy, as it makes painting them so much easier. My current favourite nail polish is Liz Earle's 'moonlight' it''s a light grey, and such a great colour as it goes with everything plus this nail polish is strengthening. I just hope this sun lasts till the weekend, as I'm poking forward to a nice picnic wight he boys.

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