How I Wear: A Kimono & Dungarees

Kimono: Fashion Union*
Next Vintage Top: Charity shop
Dungarees: Beyond Retro
Necklace & Ring: EBay
Boots: River island
Nail Polish: Liz Earle Moonlight*

These fake lashes are amazing, but perhaps a little too big I spent most of the day feeling like I had an emo fringe as there was a constant black line in view ha ha. So I'm going to stick to the shorter lashes, as they are a little bit more practical (well as practical as lashes are). I need to get a couple more kimonos as I wear this one to death, and I'm pretty sure you will all be telling me to put something else on soon. Saying that it's amazing and makes me feel like a 70's travelling hippy, so your going to have to put up with it I'm afraid. I'm wearing tights as my other half had told me it was going to rain, in his defence it's the weather peoples fault as it did not rain in London till around six o'clock. My tights thank you so much ...

Apart from looking a bit odd and sweating like crazy, I really love this outfit. The top is vintage Next and is 90s perfection, I've had it ages and I'm happy to have finally worn it. It's that nail polish again, yes I'm still loving Liz Earle moonlight it's still going strong and not one clip *fist pumps the sky for nail polish lovers every where. I also found my castle ring, this was so cheap off EBay but it's the best ring ever. I've had a busy week I attended ILWF D.I.Y day and designed some shorts that they are going to make (excited just a bit too much for those). I'm going to the Schuh house party this evening, so that will be a great end to a stressful week with building work going on at home. Don't forget to enter my giveaway before it ends. 


  1. I love the dungarees and kimono together! Your makeup is amazing. x

  2. i always love your outfits, you look amazing! great mix of prints and textures :) x

    cat // je suis cat

  3. I love all this together - one of those outfits which I would never think of.

  4. You look amazing here, super foxy!

    Maria xxx

  5. Amazing outfit. Those boots are subtle yet gorgeous, how much were they? I'd love to emulate your style but i'm on a budget at the moment saving for a holiday.



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