How I Wear: Neon On Neon

Jacket: EBay
Knitted Vest: New Look*
Jeggings: Old
Rainbow Platform: Schuh
Pink Bag: Just Fab* via swap shop
Legs Necklace: Choies*
Stack Ring Set: Primark

As you may have noticed I'm not really a neutrals kinda gal, I seem to be drawn to bright, patterned and kitsch. So it was only a matter of time before neon on neon happened. I think this is my version of matchy matchy, it's simple but creates a strong look. I'm not sure why but I get stop buying neon lime pieces. I think it makes me what to get up and go out, bright colours have a positive impact on my mood. It's hard to be grumpy in neon, even harder when your in neon and rainbow platforms. I think made sure your tones match, as if the tones of the colours are two different it may not work as well. When your shopping wear the pice of neon you want to double, that way you will know it will work rather than splashing a heap of cash on pieces that don't match.

I finally have this trench, it's a cheap one off EBay but I'm so happy with it. I did think maybe the neon on neon was a tad much, but than after trying on every jacket I owned with this knit vest the trench almost called to me. I've stretch my ear to an 5mm now and even ended up getting a neon yellow/lime colour for that too. I think last month I was in a pink frame of mind, and now it's yellow/lime. As I was going to a couple of events, I throw on my faithful acid wash jeggings which are like wearing PJ's. As to not be to casual, I donned my rainbow towers and got some good practise (I buckle in platforms as pavements in London are crazy) in not decking it. Yes it's my legs necklace again, but it literally goes with everything. But yes this trench is my new favourite and you will be seeing it a lot more, unless it rains non stop than you will just see me sob into instead. What colours are you feeling this summer?


  1. Great style!!! i love how you play with different vibrant colors

    Greets Jon,

  2. Love this outfit, you look stunning! Would you ever consider doing a tutorial for your eye make up? It looks fab! xx

    ☾ ☾

  3. Look at those shoes! They're incredible.


  4. I wouldn´t know where to begin, I just love, love, love your insiration so much

  5. That coat is to die for! I love the colour.... I may be tweeting you when I have money looking for a cheeky link to where you bought it! And your hair, I actually want to sob, it makes me want crazy coloured hair so much!


  6. All your outfits are lovely, but this is my favourite so far! The coat - oh!

  7. You always look fanatstic, you are truley inspiring and I admire you confidence!!


  8. your hair... that coat.. perfection !

  9. I really like this - I'm not often drawn to the neon tones but I think the way you wear them is fab!

  10. Looking beautiful! Love the bright colours and that bag is so cute :) x

  11. That neon jacket is so fabulous! you are the Queen of colour xx


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