Best Nights Are Unplanned With Echo Falls

If I'm honest and you know I am, I hate the idea of going out without some sort of plan. I guess as a mum of two all those crazy lets just go out nights seem like a distance memory. I'm so use to having a plan, and a check list to make sure I have everything I need for the kids that it's hard to shake off in my own time. I was excited but anxious for an unplanned night out with the folks from Echo Falls, as soon as I got to their HQ I relaxed as I saw some familiar faces in the form of bloggers Danielle, Sherin and Ashanti. 

Suddenly I felt that rush of excited, that I use to get on a night out with my friends. My control freak was silenced as our first clue was handed to us. Like a group of giggling school girls we were lend outside to a limo, I've never been in one (I sat in one as a kid once but that doesn't count) and hate to say it but it was amazing. The drinks were flowing and we took advantage of the mirrored interiors with some selfies, all of which failed as we were in a moving limo (hashtag should have taken it at the traffic lights). Than it was time for our next treat, we were each given a £50 Warehouse voucher and given 30 minutes to pick, try on and pay. Thankful I have no issue with picking something in a short amount of time, and I think either did the other girls. I swapped my blue leather mini skirt, and put on my new neon aztec one it's so cute and matched what I had on perfectly. 

Than came Clue 2 which had ' laughter is the best cosmetic' we were in Carnaby street and we all guessed that we must have been heading to Benefit. But than we stopped to listen to a what we thought was just a busker they had said to sing a song to us. Ben was amazing and sung about Echo Falls and having fun, but than when he said our names and blogs we finally clicked that he wasn't a busker. Sadly my phone decided to die and my video of him for Instagram was lost. We thanked him and than headed to Benefit, we were taken downstairs and met Amy (@NYCdollyon Instagram) who gave us all a mini makeover. She put this stunning purple lip on me, and touched up my skin to give it some glow and contour. Echo Falls also gave us some cosmetics from benefit to take home, and it left us all with a massive smile on our faces. We all looked and felt amazing, but were starting to get hungry so we were happy for Clue number 3 ' Oscar Wilde dined here'. Shamefully we were all clueless, but we were happy to spot a certain place.

I've been to Kettner's a few times for events, and every time I passed people eating dreamed of what it must have tasted like. As we made our way upstairs to our own room The Salon, I felt that this had to be the perfect end to the perfect night. I went for the salmon and poatoes to start with and it was so simple but spot on it tasted fresh and went perfectly with the Echo Falls Chardonnay. Than main and dessert which were both equally devastating to my taste buds, that I probably would never taste anything so perfect ever again. The chocolate tart with pear ice-cream, was so rich and divine I didn't even finish it as my brain said 'YES' but my belly was having none of it. Than it was time for home, but not before Echo Falls gave us some of our faves a thought I would try a little red wine for a change (which may I add my other half polished off). I think the most important thing I took away from this night is, that you don't have to have a solid plan. Maybe just meet up with friends and found somewhere new, maybe go shopping or for a mini makeover. Or just for drinks, hit the club, or maybe for a relaxed dinner. What ever you do, have fun and enjoy spending time together. 

Remember please drink responsibly. 

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