Back To Basic: My Summer Everyday Makeup

Every now and than I tend to go all out on my makeup, it's good to experiment but than I tend to get carried away. Being a busy mum, my makeup time is limited so I've ditched the 'I wish I was a festival right now' look and gone for light, fresh and dewy look instead. If your like me and in your thirties, it becomes harder to wear heavy makeup looks as they can look cakey and add years to your face. This look is about keeping skin looking dewy and  makeup light. 

I'm no makeup guru, so I'm not showing you how I put on liner or fill my brows etc... There are heaps of how to's on You Tube if you need a step by step, I thought I would simply share a few tips on things I've learnt and share whats in my makeup bag. So a little bit about my skin- It tends to be dry, which doesn't help the cake factor and I have some fine lines. I also suffer with acne and I have to be careful what I place on my skin (no one looks good with lobster face). I also have dark circles and eye bags, as I tend to stay up late and I also drink way too much caffeine.  These products have helped with all of these flaws, and I've even seen some improvement with my acne.  As I need to get ready as quickly as possible, this makeup routine is both practical and means I can have my makeup done in under an hour. So here's what I use for my everyday makeup:


During the evening once I have removed all my makeup, I'll apply either a moisturiser or overnight serum oil. I prefer to apply the oil when my skin is really dry, this Body Shop Vitamin E overnight serum* has to be my favourite. I take around two drops, and massage the oil into my skin with my finger tips. It absorbs overnight and leaves my skin silky soft, and even when I've had little sleep leaves it looking rested. As my skin tone is uneven and I have open pores, I use Benefits The Prorefessional*. Yes it's a little pricer, but a little goes a long way and it's the perfect base for my makeup. My pores look smaller and it even reduces my fine lines, around my eyes and on my forehead.

I've had to changed my foundation, as the one I was using during the winter was far to heavy. Instead I switched it up for two BB creams, one that's a glowing shade and the other which is for whitening. The Beauty Angel (in shade 1) is great as it also doubles as my high lighter - Which I usually apply to my under eye and top of my cheek bones, down the centre of my nose and on my cupids bow. Mixed with the Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB cream* (in glowing shade) it creates the perfect base. It's still light and lets my skin breath but covers my spots and gives my skin a fresh dewy glow.  


I've ditched the cut crease in favour of a single neutral colour shade, this opens up my eye and stops me from having to worry about spending time having to repeatedly blend out. I'm currently using a matt shadow that's a shade darker than my skin tone from my Bobby pins palette. To give my eye a pop and stop my peeper from blending in with my face, I have still kept my winged liner but made it finer and less dramatic. I'm currently using Collection 2000 Extreme felt tip liner an all time fave, and than apply some Rimmel massacres -I have a heap, but will be sharing my current one in another post. 


My HD brow kit (in vamp) is not going any where, this is my second one now and when it runs out I will be getting another. I use my Body Shop eye pencil to liner the lower part of my eyebrows, than drag the product out using a spoolie brush. Than with my HD angle brush I go over my brow with the darkest shade, and follow my natural brow liner. Than I will go back in with my pencil to draw the tail of my brow, and add some concealer underneath as I usually mess them up. This leaves my brows looking clean and sharp. 

Contour & Cheeks

I've only just started to contour, as I was so scared of looking like I had rubbed a tea bag onto my face. I found that using this MUA mosaic powder (in sunkissed) with my Zoeva brush 102 silk finish, are the perfect combination for my pale skin. I start just under my cheekbones, from the middle of my cheeks swipe across and upwards into my hairline. I make sure it's blended, and than apply some to either side of my forehead again blending into the hairline. You want to avoid the middle, as this should be kept light like I mentioned I use the Beauty Angels to highlight. Than with a my finger blend a little of the MUA powder down each side of my nose, and just at the end of my nose. This play on light brings out my features. Than if I have no time instead of digging out another blusher, I'll dab my brush back in but avoid the darker brown and apply to the apples of my cheeks and blend out. 

That's about everything, if my lips are dry I'll just swipe some carmex over them. If my skin is a little oily, than I just use my MAC blotting powder. So I hope this helps, or inspires you. This is just want I use and would recommend, of course your skin may be different. I think the overnight serum is something anyone could use, and I highly recommend it for anyone who's skin is looking tried and in need of some love. It just gives skin a boost , before you have even applied anything in the morning. So whats your everyday essential when it comes to makeup? 


  1. I love your makeup bag. Such a lovely selection of products!

    Emma x

  2. Simply beautiful and I love your make up bag too!



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