Throw A Fish Finger Party

We had planned to have a mini family party in the park, sadly it raining and than rained some more. As I had purchased things days before for our trip, we ended up having to eat it the day before as it was all fresh. So what to do, that was the question. When you have made a promise to two children under 5, than you have to keep that promise (they will remind you every day if not). 

It was not as glam as we had planned but we made the best of it, as a kid my favourite thing to stuff into my fish finger sandwich was some crisps. Not the healthiest option (I prefer a bit of lettuce and spinach these days) but once in a while never hurt anyone. In our Birds Eye party pack were balloons, some over gloves -Which also doubled up as hulk hands according to Corben. They also treated us to Funkin cocktail mix, as it was with our children we switched spirits for lemonade (which was delicious ). The boys tucked into their sandwiches as we watched Adventure Time, we also got them to draw faces on the balloons, played statues and had ice cream after.  

Was it an epic party, no. Was it a day I will remember, yes. You don't need to have a Instagram perfect party, all you need is good company and a few giggles. The boys asked if we would have one every weekend, and maybe we will. To create a little fun you don't need a heap of money, I think most of us will have a pack of fish fingers in the freezer. It's great to take something so every day, and make it into something special. I've popped some balloons in the cupboard, and on the next rainy day I will buy a fresh chunky loaf and some salad so we can do the fish finger proud. I think we will have some more games next time to and possible build a den to munch our sandwiches in. 


Thank you for your comments, I really do love hearing from you x