Witch Skincare Flawless Friends: Making Teacup Candles & Chatting With Gail Porter

Me and Holly making candles together
Eye Dress: Choies*
Necklace: Gift from Baz 

Last Sunday I made my way to Kings cross to a place called Drink Shop Do -FYI google maps gave me the wrong address making me late, who knew it could happen just so it doesn't happen to you. So After walking around for a while and with the help of Holly from the Witch skincare team, I met up with my other flawless friends who were already making their teacup candles. With cocktail in hand, I picked up this beautiful set which had a cute flower handle. We also had a special guest, none other than Gail Porter who would be chatting with us after we had finished our candles. 

The gentlemen teaching us made the 'candles for Harry potter (the spine ones, and in actual fact they were not candles and the flames where fake. But the company he was working with on the day, are called 'I made it myself' who hold creative parties which is so me. My candle keep leaning to the side, so he kindly helped fix it for me. I've starting burning it this week, I added vanilla and cinnamon and it smells like a biscuit. Than we were treated to sandwiches and cake, and than all got to chat to Gail about confidence and her life in the media. 

Firstly Gail is such a most down to earth person, and always cracking jokes. We asked her about how she deals with her Alopecia, and had she every wanted to wear a wig or scarf. She said the thing about hair is that you can hide away in it almost, wear it down and when you lose your hair your exposed. Your face is just there and it can be a massive shock, but no wigs are not for me they are hot and itchy. Even in the way Gail holds herself you can see she just does not care, she's happy in herself.  We did a program with other suffers she said, some had not taken off their wigs and scarfs for years and there were a lot of tears but also a new freedom. We all went to a pub in wigs and starting chatting up a bloke each. Than after a bit broke conversation to nip to the loo,  and swapped all our wigs. Carried on doing the same for a bit, than after all the guys were drunk lifted our wigs up to itch our heads it was a great laugh. (I need to see this program)

I asked Gail about that famous shot of her up on Big Ben, and how I wasn't sure about her back than in the 90s (being a teenage girl with no boobs I was tad jealous) but once she lost her hair (and was asked real questions about issues) I think we saw this whole other side to her. She has became one of thee biggest inspirations to women of all ages. It was shocking to find out she didn't even know about it, but I love her positive take on it 'well I did have a good bum' and she still does may I add. She said when she lose her hair suddenly she was asked questions, suddenly she was being taken seriously which actual sadden me that this happens to women in media and that with or without hair no women should be treated as a dumb person. I think most people are aware how harsh the media can be, but Gail has found the positive once again. She has done a ton of charity work and has a real voice. But she's also a loving mother and talking with her she really adore her daughter. I think it's eye opening, as we all seek confidence from something and somewhere, and maybe focusing it more within who we are is better than just on how we look. 

We were showing Gail our favourite Witch skincare products, mine has to be their primer as I think it makes my skin feel good as that tends to knock my confidence. We also chatted about blogging as Gail is starting a blog. It was such a great afternoon, and I will be heading back to Drink Shop Do as they have lots of craft evening going on. I'm also excited for the next flawless friend meet, as it's always great being with such a great bunch of gals.  What knocks your confidence, and how do you cope? I would love to hear your side.


  1. Sounds like a freakin awesome day, and such a cool person to be talking about presentation and the media. Drink, Shop, Do is so much fun, I've been with friends before and they have lots of fun activities.

  2. That zebra picture that says twat is THE BEST x

  3. This sounds like a lovely event, I love teacup candles so would have been in my element! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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