That's So Fetch

Pink Blazer: Primark via swap shop*
Bag: Just Fab via swap shop*
Pink Shirt: Primark
Jeans: Topshop Joni
Pink socks: Primark
Glittery Jelly Shoes: River Island
Head Chain: Little Teacup Jewellery*

As you may have guessed this was from Wednesday when Mean Girls celebrated it's 10th anniversary,  so naturally I had to wear pink ' That's so fetch' .. but than I thought maybe I should have gothed up as I'm not a mean girl and more of a Janis ' You smell like a baby prostitute'. Anyway I think this is one of thee most quotable films, I'm sure if you have a good think you can think of at least five. I think my all time favourite is from Janis 'Did you have an awesome time? Did you drink awesome shooters, listen to awesome music, and then just sit around and soak up each others awesomeness?' She pretty much was me as a teenager, and it actual makes me feel better about not being one of the popular girls at school.

Me and Clare had a couple of press events, so we spent the evening together and checked out new collections and did some cheeky shopping after (cheeky because we are both trying to be good and not buy things). How amazing is Clare's sequin skirt, I love her style I swear everyone asked her where she got it from. We plan on having a day of shopping soon, as we always have such a laugh and it's fun to shop with someone who gets your style. We enable each other which is bad on our pockets, but we do end up spotting some crazy cool things. We were both glad we wore flats, as we did so much walking. I wore my new glitter jelly shoes from River Island, while they are not for same I am happy to wear them and look like a child again .. and the glitter, so glittery *hugs them. I have so many new bits that I want to wear, but the weather keeps changing so it's back to guessing. What have you been buying? Or are you on a shopping ban (and being more successful than me). 


  1. You look fantastic here, I really love your hair like this!

    Maria xxx

  2. Mean Girls is one of the best movies ever made. I think I could watch it forever. Along with Legally Blonde, Never Been Kissed & Clueless.
    Your hair is just amazing beyond words and I love that bag!


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