Sticky9 Photo Magnet

As you know I am ever so slightly obsessed with Instagram, so when Sticky9 asked if I had ever heard of them (kind of, by seeing them on other peoples Instagram) and would I like a pack of their photo magnets I jumped. Corben my eldest boy is forever drawing, so the fridge is a mini gallery of his work. Which means that we need an army of magnets for our fridge, I love the idea of the magnet also being special so turning your fave photos into a cool display is the perfect idea. Plus they don't just stop at magnets, you can get a funky phone case (next on my list) or  photo tablet cover. I think these would be great to give as well, the magnets are delivered in a thin envelope, so would be easy to send to a loved one. I plan on buying some for a couple of friends who live in Australia (one of which you will spot in my magnet photos that I picked).

So is it an easy process? Yes! it could not have been easier, you just sign into your Instagram and you can pick whatever photos you want. I went for ones of the boys, my mate who lives on the other side of the world and a couple of bright fun ones. You get nine in a pack, and they just tear apart. You could always have one big photo, spilt up into nine so it's like a puzzle.  They are pretty thin so will only hold up light paper, but I'm sure if you had enough they would hold more. They came super quick and I'm really pleased with them, I'll probably buy another pack as I have so many photos that I would love to display. I think it could possible get pricey if you want to cover your whole fridge, but even one pack will brighter it up. I think it would be amazing if they also sold chunky magnets, like rather than just the tear apart one massive one (you would have to pick your photo wisely as you would be seeing it a lot ha ha).

At the moment they have gone down to £8.49 for a pack of nine photo magnets and they have free shipping wide world. 

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