What I Wore To: Claire's Press Day

Kimono: Fashion Union*
Dress: Jane Norman
Necklace: Charity shop
Bag: Just Fab via the voucher codes swap shop
Floral crown: D.I.Y by me (how to here )
Choker: EBay
Shoes: River Island

Firstly thank you so much to Lindsey from Ropes of Holland, who was kind enough to take these for me. I really love this outfit, as I don't often wear dresses without tights so it's a refreshing change. This dress is by Jane Norman, but I actual got it for a mere £2 something from a Sue Ryder shop brand new. I have been lucky that my charity shop has kindly be given old stock from well know brands, so I've been buying them up (only things I would wear of course). I had to cut the tassel's at the bottom of this kimono, as they were looped and I kept getting caught on things and people. But I really do adore it and think it will be falling apart by the end of summer, after being loved to death. I finally wore my D.I.Y crown, it's really pretty but next time I need to seal off the ends as they dug in my scalp (always fun).

I really enjoyed the Claire's event, and will be posting all about the Katy Perry Prim collection next week. Thank you for all your lovely comments, I have been doing much better. I'm still in pain but sleeping during the night now. My son got into his first choice of school, and I'm starting to feel a lot of the stress lifting away. I think when you have so much going on, trying to get everything done your brain just turns into sponge and you  can't stop soaking every little thing up. This definitely effects my brain and I just can't sleep, so once I get back into a couple of nights sleep I think my brain gives in ha ha. Hope your all having a lovely Easter, as my clothing is already getting tight I'm trying to resist all the chocolate in the house. 


  1. Cool outfit!
    I recently bought such a kimono, I'm now wondering if I'll have t do the same to the fringe!


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