Katy Perry Prism Collection At Claire's

When I heard that Katy Perry was teaming up with Claire's, I thought that while it would be cool it may be a little to young for me and I would just look like a lame old person rocking around in it. Well Katy and Claire's have out done themselves, because the collection is actual a must! Firstly I was shocked by the amount there is, with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, headband and even phone cases you can embrace your inner Perry to the max.My personal fave is the 'ROAR' headband (modelled by beauty Carmen) and bracelets are going to look so amazing stacked up. Everyone went crazy for this lion necklace below, and I think it will be the first thing to sell out from the Prism collection. 

The pieces are really well priced, as Claire's has always been know for being affordable   it's great for fans. I always loved them, as a teenager who had very little money it was always my go to. I liked the note books, as even if you can't wear the jewellery there is something for you. Same with the phone cases, the 'ROAR' one is holographic and the tiger moves on it (another to add to my collection me thinks). Of course I got in on the photo booth action with and than I chatted with Lindsey, EmmaDebbie and Annie about how amazing it is. We also munched on some Katy Perry biscuits (probably as close as we will ever get to her) hope you read this Katy I won't nibble your arm in real life I promise.

The Katy Perry Prism Collection will be available in store and online from the May 15th. 

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  1. I really wanted to like it and have been looking forward to catching your pictures. It's just not me. I can't do the lions and ALL the triangle but you're right, the Roar headband is just class and I'll definitely be adding that to my headwear collection! xx


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