How I Wear: Matching Prints and Holographic

Bomber Jacket and Trousers: H&M (old)
High Collar Top: Oasap*
Holographic Sandals: EBay
Holographic bag: Choies*
Rings: Gifts from my boyfriend

I got this suit in H&M ages ago for London fashion week, I ended up wearing something else and was pleased because everyone seemed to have the same idea. It was in the sale at a steal and at first I was not sure about, but it fits really well and I really want to get more wear out of both pieces (I tend to wear the jacket more). So today I decided it was going to get some wear, I feel so rough that I'm trying to make more effect to feel myself again. I decided to clash the floral print with this houndstooth number, it's not clingy so feels really comfortable the high neckline is effective enough I don't need a necklace. As you can tell I'm still mad for holographic everything, this bag actual fit my shop in which is great. I hate having plastic bags cut into my hands, but I'm always too lazy to sort out my 100 million bags for life, ego bags etc.. 

I'm off to the doctor later to find out why I want to sleep all the time, and also I hope they can give me something for the pain. I'm sure it will be okay, I just want to know good or bad is better than not knowing. I  see other bloggers who have all sorts of illness (life long) and they really inspire me, to know that even in their pain most hardly ever moan and have great blogs. I guess it's making the most of everyday no matter what. If I end up having to stay in bed the rest of this week, I have already brainstormed posts to keep me sane and maybe give you a laugh. I guess that's the great thing with a blog, that you can come back to it, or write even when feeling at your worst. Not that people except you too, but it's a little outlet to the world again. 


  1. Love the pattern of the suit, great colours! Your sandles are so fun too. Hope you feel better soon!
    Lianne x

  2. Love the print on the top and hopefully everything turns out okay!!! :) x

  3. LOVE THIS. The trousers are pretty darn amazing.
    I hope the doctors appointment went well too


  4. Looooove your hairrrrr!
    I think wearing prints can go both ways, it can look really bad or really good, and i love how youve pieced it together! looks fab!

    Just followed you, hope you can check out ours and follow us too xxx


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