How I Wear: Neon Jumper & Rainbow Sandals

Jacket & Necklace: Choies*
Sweater: Oasap*
Jeans: Charity shop
Shoes: Y.R.U via Asos
Flurry Bag: Choies*
Socks:  F&F

Today I managed to get dressed and get a few bits done, thank you for all your well wishes. I've not been out or dressed in ages, and it felt so good even if I'm still in heaps of pain. I have doctors tomorrow so it will be great to get some answers, you can google all you like but having a professional tell you whats what means I can get the right treatment. 

After all this will be the second month of feeling exhausted and in pain,  and at one point I was sleeping for pretty much fourteen hours day = not normal at all. Moving on from me moaning about me, lets talk outfit. So I won a competition a while back for an Asos voucher. I have wanted some Y.R.U shoes for a while, and only found out Asos started selling them when Sarah sent me the link on twitter. So I put money to them, and now can spread the rainbow joy (they are possible thee best sandals I've ever owned). I think when I feel crap, my pick me up is to wear as much colour as possible. So today was a trippy tiger sweater needed blur, it's that scuba like material too which I'm slowly getting into. 

My temperature is so up and down, so this is a great fabric as it's not too hot or sweaty like some are. The collar is not to high either, I saw something like this a while back out shopping but the collar was too restricting. Plus it matches my smiley furry bag and rainbow sandals perfectly too, I planned to wear them pretty much the moment I got them.  I'm so happy to at least look more myself, even if I'm not feeling it. I've missed doing anything, and my mum and Baz have been looking after the kids so I've missed them too. I feel like sleeping beauty, minus the beauty part ( there's nothing glam spending a week in bed). Hope your all well, it's crazy how much we take even the simplest of things for granted. 


  1. I love how bright this is :) my fav piece would be the jumper and bag xx

  2. Law you look amazing! Love the sandals.
    I hope you feel better soon x

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. I hope you can get some answers from the doctor.


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