Chatty Feet Sock Collection

As someone who always has cold feet, socks have always been a must (so I'm so happy the socks and sandals trend has caught on). Once upon a time if you wore socks with any kind of pattern or print and dared to show them, people would have label you a 'dork' (I was a 90s teen). Now times have changed and if you don't have a funky pair than your missing out. My sock collection over the last five years is crazy, I usually end up misplacing one, so than end up buying a heap more every season. I like anything bright and funky, but hate thin socks as I tend to wear them to death and they get holes in also instantly. 

I was so happy to discover Chatty feet, they also crater to all the family. Corben my four year old grabbed the Prof Brain Sox*, and started wiggling his feet in the air and putting on a funny voice. Logan my two year old kept covering his eyes, than burst out laughing seeing Sigmund* on his feet. It's nice to see that something as simple as socks can put cheeky little grins on their faces. I was going to tell you all how I feel about them, but instead asked Corben:

Me: So do you like those ones? 
Corben: Yeah, look they have a cool face on them. Watch me wiggle the face on it.
Me: Do you prefer these to your other socks?
Corben: They feel nicer, I like my spider ones but they make my feet all itchy.
Me: Would you like the other characters?
Corben: Yeah I want to buy three hundred of that one and that one *points to other designs.

I really like them, they have some new designs in too. As I was going to say they could do with some more designs, but over all I think they are worth a buy. I will be getting the Yoko Mono ones next as they are beyond cute. Also one thing the boys cleverly pointed out is that (of course when they are clean) is they double up as hand puppets. Logan likes it when you chase him with one and I always do just to hear that belly laugh of his. You can purchase them in packs for four for £20, or buy them individual for £6 each. I think it would be cute to mix them up as well, I think the boys have already decided now now what one of each.


  1. I'm such a big sock fan and these are pretty cool!

  2. These socks are fab and your boys are beyond cute, I love them!

    Maria xxx


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