How I Wear: A Rainbow Bomber Jacket & Leggings

Rainbow jacket & Leg necklace: Choies*
Holographic Tote: Choies*
Prada Glasses: Pretavoir*
Stripe Top: Joules*
D.I.Y Legging: Calzendonia*
Pastel Shoes: Shellys London*
Rings: Ebay

So yes I'm going against all blogger rules in this outfit as it was gifted to me (feel free to smack my wrist)  but honestly I would have happily parted with my cash for these things. This rainbow bomber jacket is my dream spring to summer jacket, and I'm happy to be breaking it back out in this weather. I had a joules voucher from their press day, and was actual going to buy some bedding sadly their store in Covent garden does not stock it. Than I saw this top and it was too late, I full in love with it's soft stripe goodness. I got it in about four sizes up, as I'm really into over sized tops at the moment. the fabric is soft and it's one I'll be grabbing when I just want to throw something on and go. 

I think both go really well with my D.I.Y leggings, I'm so happy that none of the bits fall off and it makes me want to make more (the next pair I'll do a step by step for you). As you know by now I am a massive fan of Choies, yes I do get gifted the odd things (which of course I'm very grateful for) but I also buy a lot from them anyway as their products are so funky and different. I was gutted when I missed out on the holographic tote by Topshop, so I didn't think twice when I saw it on their site. Finally wearing my pastel shoes, been too ill before this. Sadly they do rub the back of my poor ankles, so my foot is covered in plasters I hope once I've worn them a bit more they won't rub. Lastly my new glasses come back from getting my prescription put in, and they are just dreamy. I think they are so perfect for spring summer and are a nice change from my black frames. I'm so happy it's warming up and looking forward to showing you things I've bought, as for the first time ever none of it is black. I'm trying to wear head to toe colour as it just makes me feel so much happier. 

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  1. You do know I think you are the babeliest right? DEM SHOES THOUGH x


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