Blue Summer: Current Wish List

Floral Colour Block Sweater/ Acid Wash Rave Jeans/ Blue Flat Jellies/ Beaded Necklace
Cobain Top/ Stripe Midi Skirt/ Holographic Platform Sandals/ Scissors Necklace/ Postcard Body Bag
Lilac Smock Dress/ Spot Ankle Socks/ Eye Sandals/ Pastel Flower Hair Band/ Colour Revo Sunglasses

Hey peeps, so I'm still ill and now being sent for tests to find out whats wrong (oh the joys) so outfit are on hold for the moment. I'm going to try and get out tomorrow, I really could do with the fresh polluted air you know to feel semi human again. So anyway I have been spending time online even more than usually, looking at things I would like to buy and pretending that summer is actual here and that all of London are having lunch in the park. In reality everyone is staying indoors to avoid the sand in the air, and crying over the fact that The Walking Dead has ending but happy at the fact Game Of Thrones is starting this week ... No, just me. 

So instead of spending time envy people who can leave their homes, looking fabulous (damn you all for looking so fab), I decided I would be a bit more productive and share my summer wish list. I said I wanted to pack away all my knits and sweaters, but I don't think it's going to heap. I got two jumpers for mothers day, which I can not wait to wear I think it's like taken a comfort blanket with you. Okay I'll leave it at that as I'm ill and possible typing randomness. Enjoy the weekend :)


  1. Sorry to hear you are still not well, hope you can get some answers soon. Take care :)

  2. Loove the holographic sandals and the scissor necklace! Also sorry to hear you are still ill, hope you feel better soon :) xx

    ☾ ☾

  3. Can totally see you in all of these, hope you feel better soon :)


  4. Good luck with the tests, It's a horrible feeling not knowing what's wrong and something I can relate too atm so if you ever need a chat I'm an email away!
    And I new that dress would be mod dolly before I clicked on it, I'm obsessed with all of their smock dresses at the moment, as soon as I get back from holiday one WILL BE MINE.


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