Pixi Tinted Brillance Balm - Pretty Pink

I love a slash of colour on my lips, but I hate when a lipstick dries them out and my lips end up looking like peeling wallpaper not cute. So I really like the lip crayons that everyone seems to be bringing out, but some are better than others as I have sampled same in shops -FYI we need tissues by the tester no customers what swatch hand for the rest of there day. Some are not very pigmented, while others are but the balm side is not effective. 

I really wanted to try the Pixi ones as I had heard on the great beauty blog vine, they were really effective. I decided to go for a pink and picked Pretty Pink no 4*, it's soft and  feminine and really fits into my makeup collection for spring summer. In summer I like to wear less makeup so I tend to go for a strong lip look over eye look. The packaging is simple but I like the floral pattern and that the colour is label on the back clearly, as I tend to forget and if it's just a sticker at the bottom I stand no chance (they always fall off). I really love the colour block loop at the end to, as when stored away with others you can clearly see what colour it is. The lid is easy to put on and take off and like others I've used it's a twist method like that of a lipstick. 

Colour wise I was really pleased, it's pigmented but still like a balm and not to block coloured like a lipstick. The balm is great and keep my lips soft, I found it lasted pretty long as it has seed oil and beeswax in. Another thing I like is that it doesn't stain your lips, there's nothing worst than having to overly rub your lips to get colour off. There are 11 shades to pick from, so there is a shade to suit everyone. They are priced at £12.00 each which I think is pretty reasonable. 


  1. Great review, this is a really pretty shade of pink :) xx

  2. Very pretty shade and I love your nails too!!



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