Joules S/S14 Collection

I think sometimes you can hear of a brand and think, they wouldn't suit me. Than comes a shocker that actual if you pick out most of the bits and bobs you can make them your own. I felt this when I went to see Joules Spring summer collection. I like when a brand can surprise me like that, and oh how they did. I got pulled in by the mix of mustard floral prints, hot pink and girly fifties style dresses. I love how fresh and clean this collection is, and the whole camp fire set up made me think of Moonrise Kingdom. Which I had watched the day before this event, so I could full picture Suzy in some of the dresses. There was also a nautical theme, I spied at least three striped tops I want (I think even Alexa Chung would approve, after all she's queen of the Brenton). 

It was also a shocker to fine out that Fran who had won Great British Bake Off  is part of the Joules team, she is so down to earth and was chatting about all the rules she had to follow for it. She even made these amazing cakes I polished off two, they were so good. Also the micro pigs! Yes little pigs who even have their own twitter (add for extra cutest) they were super cute and my face melted when they all snuggled up on a Joules duvet together. I also stuffed my face with pies from the camper van, they were so good and I could for a moment fool myself into thinking I was at a festival. They also have a wide range of kids wear, which is so super cute and I adore all their home ware I need some of their bedding for summer this year. The boys circus print bedding would be so great for my two, it's reversible as well with a bold stripe on the other side. Overall I really love the country feel the collection has, pricing is a bit more than what I normal spend but quality is far better than a lot of whats on the high street. 


  1. I was all up in the clothes and then I got to the PIGS and my brain just fell out my skull. I CANNOT DEAL. x

  2. This looks like such a nice event! Joules have some amazing pieces at the moment. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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