How I Wear: Faux Fur & Chunky Gladiators

Fur Faux Pink Jacket: EBay
Coke T-shirt: Primark
Chunky Gem Necklace: Choies*
Acid Wash jeans: Old
Cute Socks: Chatty Feet*
Shoes: Gift from my boyfriend (via Ebay)

So this week so far I have been getting back on top of my 'to do' list and trying to not let my stress and negative thoughts get the better of me. This includes trying not to let the builders and building work get to me. So my awkward 'why are you staring at me?' and 'hurry up mum and take the photo without chopping my head off' looks will continue. Still I'm getting to a point where I almost don't care, after all I live here. Sadly when I'm out with the boys they are so little they just want to run off and play, I don't blame them so getting photos else where is an even bigger task. Anyway enough of photo moaning, and more about the outfit.

My fluffy jacket is finally wearable as it's warm as it's only light fabric even if it looks really furry. The sun has been out, so I'm slowly pulling all my lighter wear out and putting the heavy jumpers away. It was still a little nippy, so I decided to wear my cute new socks with my holographic gladiators that Baz treated me too. I also have started using this patterned bag that I got at the voucher codes swap shop (I'll be blogging about that later this week). It's nice for when I don't have to carry as much around with me, and I like that I can wear it across me. I've not been doing anything really exciting, but with my free time I have been watching my favourite series GIRLS and The Walking Dead. GIRLS has been really good this season (4), and I can't believe that Adam has gone from my most hated character to my fave. The Walking Dead, well what can I say it's almost at the end of this season (4) and Monday's episode left my jaw on the floor. I think both make for gritty watching. While sometimes they can be slow which personally doesn't annoy me as much as it does some, overall they pack a deeper punch. It's just sad (yes I have no life) knowing that once they both come to the end, I will have to find something else to fill my time. What have you been watching, anything that you simply can't miss?


  1. Looking stunning as always! Loving the pink faux far and ChattyFeet socks pairing. Oh and I'm also a HUGE Walking Dead fan. I've now moved onto True Detective. You HAVE TO WATCH IT! Utterly compelling, you'll be gripped from episode 1 I promise! xx

  2. Like always I bloody love every thing you are wearing :] I'm so behind on all my favourite tv been busy but I'm taking today to catch up. I've proper trashy taste, TOWIE and The Voice. YES! x

  3. You pull of colour like no other person on this earth. I LOVE your style x

  4. Totally in love with you and your blog, your outfits are so fun! :)
    Becky x
    Vintage Clothing UK

  5. Absolutely in love with this outfit :)

  6. I looked at the first photo and legit went your hair! That coat! Those shooooes! Haha try not to stress lovely you look fabulous!

  7. You always look fantastic, I really envy you!



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