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A few of these photos are from the voucher codes flicker, the rest are mine.
Photo Booth fun with mega babes otherwise know as Clare, Sara, Jodie, Deb, Jemma and Emma

Hi I'm Laura and I'm a swap shop addict! Yes the lovely folks at voucher codes had another swap shop, and I was so excited I sorted all my swaps the week before. Like I said before at their first swap shop, it's such a great idea to take something you no longer have love for and swap it for something you will wear. Also this time was even better as my good friend Plum and Sarah of Pinned it, Made it was there! So everyone had the chance to get their creative juices flowing, and customise your own Accessorize thick tights (I'm still yet to finish mine, but once they are finished I will share the end result). 

If your new to my blog, than welcome and also know that this year I'm on a D.I.Y mission. So it really inspired me to share the tights D.I.Y with you gals and hope that you give it a go. You could try jazzy pom poms, or some glitter knee patches it's still pretty chilly so why not. So for those of you who have never been to a swap shop or want to set up one, read my guide here. As it's not a case of just taking what you want, you need to sort it so everyone has a fair chance of grabbing what they like. Voucher codes set it up nicely, but as there were so many of us, I think it was everyone for themselves ha ha.

This time I went for mainly bits I could add to what I have already, I picked up a cute Just Fab bag brand new with tags on which I wore here. I also got a neon pink snood, a vintage dress and believe or not my best blog buddy Clare's sweater without even knowing it was hers! Than we all decided to get the classic bloggers in a booth photos, I have so much fun with the girls it's great to go to an event were we could relax a little more. The amazing Twisttina was there who I've met before at another event who makes balloon hats (cutest thing ever) that even lit up. As I missed out on the balloon hat fun, they let me take the 'W' home from there swap shop balloons literally was the perfect end to a lovely evening. We all had fun, there were over 70 bloggers there but fear not if you missed it as they are having another soon. If you have a heap of stuff than why not have a read of my guide, gather up your friends and have your own. They are great fun, and you all get something new for free. 

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