Getting Crafty With Calzedonia

I had not heard of the Italian label Calzendonia before, so I was really excited to go with Clare (from Rainbows and Fairy dust) and found out more about their brand. We headed to Westfield and after asking a few people tracked down the store, I would describe Calzendonia as legging heaven. They also sell cool tights and stocking, a rainbow of socks and beachwear. We were given a pair of plain light blue denim style leggings and the table was full of crafty bits, for us to really get stuck into. Me and Clare got really into it pretty quick and started to plan our ideas, I wanted to create a fun pair. Bip Ling was really sweet and just was in her creative zone, making pom pom leggings and painting and adding sequins.

I'm really pleased with how mine turned out, I hope when I wear them it doesn't all drop off. The leggings are pretty thick material but light, so I can easy sew the pom pons and flowers down this also makes them great for summer. I think when your customising something you may hold back, as your scare of ruining something. I think when you just go for it, you can create something fun that no one else has. It was great doing it with Clare, we swapped ideas and I hope we get to do more creative things together. The store is really cool, and the choice of styles is great as you could literally live in leggings they are priced at around £28.00, tights at £10.00 and socks at £3.00. It's inspired me to get back into my creative zone and to just go for it. Are you think of customising something, if so what are you going to D.I.Y? 


  1. I remember seeing this brand when I was in Spain and really liking it. Love the cute DIY! xx

  2. You look rockabilly/50s fab, lady! x

  3. These look awesome, I particularly love those parchment tights!

    Maria xxx

  4. Love the 90s style leggings- after the swap shop I've got my groove back for DIY and been altering clothes like a possessed woman ;)
    Yes get DIYing- you're so creative I love everything you create :)

  5. oooh, looks really good :)
    Loving your rock m roll quiffy look :D

  6. Your hair and outfit are AMAZZZZZINGGG. It looks like you had a super fun day! I am horrible at crafty things so you have impressed me immensely, young lady!



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