Bananas In Pyjamas

Jacket: Pretty Little Things
Banana Sweater: H&M (current season)
Jeans: Topshop
All Star ox: Converse*

Oh did you notice my cool new backdrop, yeah it's wonderful not being able to get the buggy in and out and having dust from above fall on everything. Yep the builders have now completely taken over, so now it's a mission to do anything. Don't get me started on trying to have a bath, with a bunch of men just beyond the frosted window! So if I'm a little slow with outfit posts, you now know why. I literally had ten guys stare at me while getting these, and don't you just love thew pole growing out of my hair (going to be so S/S2014 darling). Talking of hair couple of you beauties where asking how I got my hair in this pin up style, so this weekend I'll get a how to up because it's dead easy. I promise.

I'm feeling way better than last week, so thank you so much for all your love and support. So can I just glue this sweater to my back please, I love it it's like wearing a pyjama top outside (is that legal yet?). It's so silly and just makes me smile, I went a size up as I've been hating clingy tops and been on a oversize everything binge. It was a mere £6.99 from H&M, they have the bottoms too match but I'm not that brave. I busted out my new furry jacket, so I can fully relive the 90s it's like wearing a fuzz monster on my back. My current favourite footwear are these converse, they give me that I don't care but secretly do care about fashion feel. Well at least I hope anyway I have some new shoes but they will have to wait, I'm in a comfort over anything at the moment. 


  1. I bought this jumper to send to my cousin in Australia!!! You loook super cool law xxxx

  2. Oh, nightmare - hope the work is done soon!
    Love the banana print and the jacket reminds me of cookie monster I think :)

  3. Love this outfit, and your hair is gorgeous - looking forward to a how-to. :)

  4. Jumpers so cute! Hair tutorial also that fringe roll looks bloody awesome! :)

  5. I need that coat in my life ahhh!! Also been so tempted to buy that top since it came in but I was worried I'd look a bit silly in it... safe to say you've proved me wrong and it looks awesome! x ♡

  6. Love everything in this post. Your hair is fierce and that outfit it cuttte. I can never get my roll in a point its always very rounded xx

  7. You look amazing here, so bright and cheery!

    Maria xxx


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