Asos Swap Shop & Getting Started On Asos Marketplace

Back in January I was one of many lucky Asos insiders (find out more here) and got to attend their swap shop, held at Asos HQ. It was not only a time to dig out all those bits and bobs I no longer had love for and swap for something I would wear. As you may have read on my blog before I'm a massive fan of swap shops, I even have a guide for setting up your own. 

So back to the Asos swap shop, before swapping began we were given an insight into the simply process of how to get selling on Asos Marketplace. You can sell two ways either a wardrobe seller or you can even set up your own store which would be a boutique, we were given a talk by Mod dolly a fashion label (set up by thee amazing Amy of dolls united) On how she set up her business of making her designs come to life as she makes all the dresses from starch, she spoke about designing,  choosing fabric, pattern cutting and how she wanted the end product to be a dress someone could treasure. She took inspiration to use bloggers as the face of her label to start out with, as also being a blogger it was a great way to get her brand heard and really connect with the customers buying her dresses. Now her business has grown from all her hard work and she has her own studio, staff and has shot an amazing new look book and developed a whole new look for her site. (In love with her smock dresses).

There was also a talk from House Of Jam (how cute is their dog Ernie) who sell vintage, on their journeys with the marketplace. Starting off selling from their flat and now have also moved to a studio, they travel the country and bulk buy vintage, from car boots and charity shops. With the help of a creative eye and amazing styling, they have gone from strength to strength and stay a head of the trends. So how do you get started on Asos marketplace:

  • Style up your item, advice given was to keep your photos clean. So if you can wear your item and style it up great. If not, pop it on a hanger with a mess free background. Make sure it's ironed, buttoned up if needed and looking fresh it's all about presentation and making your item worth buying.

  • Get snapping, there are heaps of apps on your phone so if you don't have a 'real' camera use your phone. Make sure photos are clear and focus on your item, and if your taking them of yourself or on someone make sure they are the only ones in the photo. Take a few photos to really get the best photo, the extra time, may mean extra money for you. If your styling items on someone, make sure the item can be seen and be creative. Take in natural daylight as it gives a better idea of colours, rather than at night when there's less light. If your setting up a boutique, than a soft box for your lighting and a backdrop will help give your clothing a professional look.

  • List your item. Remember to use a description people will mostly search for, rather than some random tag that people are less likely to type in.  To get some ideas have a look on Asos main site to see how you can get the most from using good keywords for your title (for example 'Smock dress with graphic print')  Think about who you want to sell to, UK only or around the world. Add a listing of p&p so that the buyer knows how much over all it will cost them. (£95K-the sales on the best selling wardrobe and £300k the best selling boutique!)
I also finally got to met Sara who's pencil scarf I wanted to nab, and Clare who had a wicked vintage dress on got to love a 60's collar (who I've chatted with for ages on twitter) and see my mates Sarah (who was wearing mod Dolly ), Claire and some other lovelies. I also got to meet the beaut that is Shop floor whore aka designer Siobhan, and was literally drooling all over the fur, holographic goodness that is her new collection of rainbow sequin turbans and monster faux fur backpacks. 

So than the swapping begun, and I had already set my eye on two things that I really wanted lucky I snapped them both up. I also grabbed a Asos top, they had kindly added in some sample for us so we were all well happy. I ate and drink, got some amazing swaps and just had a great day, if you have never been to a swap shop than go for it. It's great fun and it's wonderful to see clothes have new life breathed into them. I really want to get started on Asos Marketplace, and need to sort and snap my clouting as I have a lot of vintage that no longer fits and needs a good home.

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