Lush The Kiss Lip Gloss & Close To You Massage Bar

As you may know I'm not a massive fan of Valentines, note all my tweets of ' Is Valentines over yet?' saying that I do like a lot of things that happen because of it. Like my heart shaped egg maker and my love pillow, even better is beauty products. I use to work for Lush once upon a time, and I always looked forward to opening new stock and seeing their Christmas products but also their Valentine ones. This year they have not failed, and they have a good range of products to use on your loved one or to be your own Valentine and spoil yourself rotten.  

The Kiss, Lip Gloss*- Usually I'm not a lip gloss girl, I find it really gloppy and sticky and end up wiping it off. At the same time I don't always what to wear lipstick, and would like a little something on my lips. So I was really impressed with The Kiss, it has a light pink tint and is more like a balm as it's not thick like a gloss. It comes in the screw top container, which I've had before it opens and shuts with ease but it's best kept away from overly hot places as it will melt. It has Shea butter in which is really soothing and softening, cupuacu butter which is protective so it keeps your lips chip free. It's priced at £5.75 per 8g which is a little pricey but the shea butter is fair trade and you don't need a lot. 

Close To You, Massage Bar* - The bar was inspired by a Jammy Dodger, so even from the label I know I'm in for a treat. I tested this out on my legs after a bath as I get really dry skin, I have used pretty much all of the massage bars so it was great to try something really different. It melts far faster than the others and is a lot more oily, so I only rubbed it twice to cover both of my legs. It smells like candy and reminds me of Snow Fairy (there christmas candy smelling shower gel). I resisted eating it and decided to spread it every where, I know what to eat my own skin. 

It sinks in pretty slowly, but to be honest they all do any oil based product takes a little time. It has shea butter, olive oil and almond oil in it which are so good for giving you healthy skin, and massage is great for lymphatic drainage (in other words it helps break down all the toxics in the body, it can help improve metabolism). I would say you could get 3 or 4 full body massages out of one bar. As it melts easily I would keep it in the fridge when your not using it, just make sure everyone in your house knows it's a massage bar and NOT chocolate. I will be stocking up on these, the small is just too nice and it's great for people who have just run out of Snow fairy to get your candy fix. It's priced at £5.50 per 45g which I think is good value as you can get a lot of massages out of it, it's not something you would use everyday and the smell is just heavenly to the point where I wouldn't put perfume on. 

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  1. The kiss sounds lovely, I usually stay clear of gloss too but this sounds like a nice middle ground :)



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