London Fashion Week With Tk Maxx #StyleItBeIt

So I can finally reveal who I'm working with for London Fashion week this season, you may have seen me tweet about it. So I'm happy to reveal I've team up with TK Maxx to share all the street style, shows and of course how to nail those current trends. I'll be working with Pearl from Fashion Pearls of Wisdom, who will be covering different shows and street style too so you will have plenty to read over the weekend. (You can also follow us on Instagram for an instant fashion fix and check out the hashtags to see whats going on @Law1sfab @Superelevate #StyleItBeIt #LFWTKMaxx )

So this first post is going back in time to last season, as I spotted a lot of current trends for now. I think fashion week can seem in your face, and for those of us who can't afford to kit ourselves out directly from the catwalks it can seem a bit pointless but its not I promise you. As I live for a bargain I thought I would show you just how easy it can be, and why you should try out something new. The rest of the week I'll show you what I wore, and a brunch of inspirational street style. Also follow TK Maxx on twitter as they will have a competition for you to enter, which you won't to miss out on.

That's So Yesterday & TK Maxx for LFW


  1. The last look is so effortless!

  2. Love the clashing prints <3


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