How I Wear: A Turban

Turban: Beyond Retro (old)
Shirt: Charity shop
Coat: Primark
Collar: Asos
Mini Rucksack: F&F*
Necklace: Primark (current stock)
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Clarks*

The rain is back and London is damp and chilly, maybe that's why I keep wearing blue who knows but I decided to add some blue to my eyes for a change of my everyday neutrals. I also braved a turban first for everything, I've had this ages but I always think they look better on other people than me. I wore my Clarks brogues again, they are so comfortable and shiny also great in this kind of weather. I think they are my winter shoe staple, part from my boots that I've worn to death. 

Unless you have been under a rock, you will know that Friday is Valentines. I've been with Barry for over a decade now, to be honest we have never been big on it. We have got little treats for each other over the years, but why show someone you love them or go all out just on one day. I think it's important to show and tell people in your life you care every day, not just lovers but friends and family too. So anyway, if you have be given flowers or got them yourself I have a top tip from the folks at Zanussi to make them last longer. All you need is a couple of aspirin, crush them down and mix them in the flowers water (change every few days). Simple as that, I hope you have a good one wanter you do.


  1. You REALLY pull this off SO well....
    You look great, I've seen quite a few people really pull off turbans but I look so silly haha!
    Love the black against your gorgeous hair!

    Kelly from | Day Dreams & Daisy Chains

  2. Turban twinsies!!!
    Love the look, particularly the collar :)

  3. Hmmm, I'm starting to think you could carry off anything!! How do you always look so amazing? Share the secret. ;) Seriously though, you look super cool in the turban, I also really like the detailing on your shirt collar, is that weird?
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  4. You really suit a turban! Don't think I could pull it off with my melon head aha!
    And I really like that collar, looking good girlllllllllllllll

  5. You look fab here Law, I LOVE your hair!

    Maria xxx


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