I Could Be Dapper

Glasses: London Retro*
Shirt: Upper Fifth
Skirt: Fashion Union*
Coat: River Island
Faux Fur: H&M
Brogues: Clarks*
Necklace: Choies*

I really don't know why I have bitchy resting face in these photos, still it made me laugh while editing them. So gone is my pastel locks, rather than topping it up I'll let it fade over time as I'm lazy and hate dying my hair every week. Thank you for all your supportive comments on monday's post, it means a lot. I'm in a better mood this week, clearly you would not know it from these photos haha. I'm all geared up for London Fashion week and forgetting that while I have my outfits sorted, I need to sort clothes for the rest of the week. Anyone else end up almost wearing what you have put aside because you forget, no just me. 

As you know I attended Clarks press day, and they gifted me these brogues they are a lot more tailored than what I normal wear but hell I can be dapper (ish). I thought they were going to literally break my feet, as usually with brogues they need a couple of wears to pass the blister stage. But nope, no first aid foot kit needed they are super comfortable and make my feet look tiny. I was asked by one of you lovelies to do a post on ways to wear, so next week I'll have a three ways to wear them (well how I wear them). 


  1. You look lovely Laura! Can't beat a good pair of brogues. Your skirt is so darling! Sad I decided to skip out on LFW this season, I'm regretting it massively now! x

  2. You look fab girl! Love how you're both colourful and tailored in this post!


    Sade xo

  3. Can I have every piece! I love the shoes, I love the coat, the necklace! The Skirt! Your Hair! I REALLLY love that coat though!

  4. Very professional looking. Love it!

  5. BROGUES. I am mad for brogues. I just bought a new pair for work, and I've got an old black and white pair that people always go mental for.


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