How I Got My Pastel 'Mermaid' Locks

So after asking you lovely lot on twitter what eye looks you wanted to see, you all seemed way more interested in how I got this hair. It's really easy and looks like you have put it far more effect than you actual have. So firstly you should know same facts, will you need to bleach your hair if your not already light blonde? Yes. Will it damage your hair? Yes, but using a lower vol of peroxide and bleaching over a longer period of time will lessen the damage. If you are really scared go to the hair dresser and get them to bleach it for you, because once's that's done you can apply the colour yourself. So here's how I do my hair, hope it helps and if you have any other questions I'm happy to answer just leave me a comment.

What do you use to bleach it?
My hair has been bleached with pretty much every brand going (not good), but I'm finding the Jerome Russell B Blonde bleaching lighting kits to be one of the best. I used the highlight kit this time, as it's the only one my chemist had, so I use two packs and as it's low vol it's less damaging on my hair. I try to leave my hair for 8 weeks in-between bleaches  (doing my roots) to give my hair a break. 

What colours do you currently use in your hair?
As I've been dying my hair for a while now, I've played with lots of different brands. Don't just stick to one brand as not all their shade range will be great just because one is.
I'm using: 
Sky blue by Crazy Colour (diluted down)
Sea Punk by Bleach*
Hot Purple By Crazy Colour (diluted down)
Lavender By Directions 
Carnation Pink (diluted down)

Things to have/do before applying the colours:
  • Wear an old top.
  • Hair brush to section hair
  • Bobby pins or hair bands to hold sections
  • Grab an old towel or bag for the floor this can get messy.
  • Have mixing bowls, tubs (whatever you can find to mix in) and brushes to mix up all your different colours.
  • Have gloves, but personal I don't use them I'd rather the colour be perfect then worry about a little mess on my hands.
  • Apply colour to DRY hair, so if you have bleached your hair just before you need to dry it than apply colour. Water will block the colour from entering the hair, also your colour will last longer.

How do you get these colours to a pastel shade?

I've found that start off with a darker shade than you want, as pastel hair can be a nightmare to keep up when you have lots of different colours. As you wash your hair over time the colours will fade and your hair becomes more pastel as time goes on.

You need to mix your chosen colour in with a non metallic conditioner (it should be white in colour), start off with a little mix the two completely and if it looks the shade you want it, make it a little darker as it will appear lighter on your hair. Or like I said you can start off darker and wait for the fade to happen. 

How do I stop the colours from running into one another?

You will be placing your chosen colours through different sections of your hair, you can pre plan this or do it at random. Remember your colour wheel as if you mix colours they can blend into each other, if you want to have blonde bits add neat conditioner to these sections this will stop the colour from transferring. The best way to stop colour blend is to section and keep colour apart so:

  • Once you have applied the colour twist the section up and pin it down, this will help keep the colours to themselves and also makes it easier to see where colour has been placed or where you have missed. If you have someone to help you do the back that way you won't miss anything, if not get a mirror and keeping checking in another mirror how the back is looking (tricky but you will soon get the hang of it, take your time).

  • Don't bag your hair, as this can lift colour from one section into another. Just leave the colour on for a good hour or two for a long lasting result. Than rinse out with cool to warm water (no shampoo), using hot will fade the colour out. If the colour is still not strong enough, give it a day shampoo and dry your hair and repeat the process. Try not to overly wash your hair, bleached hair is dry and needs the natural hair oils to keep some strength.  

What do you use to curl your hair?

I have a curling iron (Tresemme volume curls that costs about £20), I take sections and wrap my hair around the entire outside of the barrel on a low heat (I don't use the clamp personal) than run my fingers through the curls and hair spray with any can (I use cheap and high end ones) I have in the house. 

What are you using for the damage?

I've had a lot of advice off other bloggers, they have told me to use oil treatments which have really helped. I think not washing your hair to often helps, overnight hair masks and not using to much heat. I also trim my ends often to try and keep some life in it, I should go to the hairdresser but I'm scared they will chop it all off.

So I hope this helps, any questions feel free to leave me comment or you can always tweet me @Law1sfab and I'll try and help. Disclaimer: I'm not a hairdresser, I've learned through trail and error if your really not confident than go to a hairdresser. 


  1. Love the colours you picked, really look lovely together.
    Great post. x

  2. I actually love your hair so much! x

  3. as they're saying down the park, your hair looks "sick man!".

    Buckets & Spades

  4. So far the best products I have tried have been the keratin based ones. I don't think I'll be buying anything else ever again...

  5. Your hair is always so vibrant and gorgeous! It makes me miss my blue hair! x


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