How I Wear: Black Mary-Jane Shoes With A Floral Print Dress

Coat & Necklace: Primark
Faux Fur Collar: River Island
Floral Dress: ModBox*
Shoes: Primark (current season)

I still have more London fashion week posts to come, but I thought I would break them up a little now as it can get a little stale. Also it gives me the chance to show you these shoes, they are so cute and set me back a whole £12 from Primark!  It's half term AKA the week mummy get's nothing done, due to non stop demands. I was trying to sew a dress the other day, than my sewing machine needle broke so that was that. Plus the 'mummy can I have' and 'mummy where's' I made it to tight as I ended up sewing the wrong marking (and my finger a couple of times). Oh well I'll stick to just saving and buying g things I think. I've been wearing a lot of dresses this week, as they are pretty much throw it on and go which is what I need this week. The boys have both been snotty, so we have not been able to really do anything exciting sadly. I wanted to take them to the museums as I really enjoy soaking in the space and knowledge as well as them, but sadly it's been more playing at home and finding things to do. Hello painted everything and every toy in the house being pulled out. 

I finally (kind of) sorted my clothing out, it's not perfect but better than before I've found it easy to get ready in the morning rather than hunting things down. I have so many dresses that really need to be loved and worn, or I may as well get rid of them if I don't I probably need to.  I'm going to a another swap shop Monday, so I'm going to try and be good and only take what I will wear. Saying that I really want a fitted pair of ripped jeans, so I may have to go on a hunt next month for a pair (if you have seen any let me know in the comments). 


  1. 12 quid for those shoes= ultimate bargain! You look gorgeous :)

  2. I love this outfit :) that fur collar is amazing and those shoes are so cute. I have them in the nude colour but I keep seeing bloggers with the black ones and it makes me want another pair! x

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  3. Stunning as always, I am so in love with your Cheshire Cat scarf hehe


  4. How adorable r yo shoes x cute outfit x

  5. Are the shoes comfy? Always a bit wearing of buying cheaper shoes...plimsolls aside!


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