Peace & Bones

Top: Gift from Barry via ASOS
Jeans: Old

So yesterday as I took Corben to nursery the heavens opened, it was like mother natural was trying to wash everyone in London. So I went from nice outfit, hair, makeup to looking like I had been in the back of a tour van for too many years. This was also the first day since Christmas day that I had worn makeup, that's a big deal for me. I though my skin would clear up more, but if anything I managed to develop more spots which was delightful.  

It's always nice to remember that with makeup you can actual look human again, I had starting to believe I should be living under a rock some where. I was happy to wear my cool bone sweater by Peace and Bones, that was one of my lovely Christmas presents from Barry (my other half). It's so warm and bright and currently matches my hair. It also goes perfectly with my new choker, how cute is the little lipstick. It's not too tight either, so thankful does not literally choke me like some I've had in the past. I'm excited for Saturday now as I'll be attending ASOS swap shop, if you have never had of this than check out my guide on having your own. But yeah I'll tweet photos etc.. of treasures I find. Oh yeah I'll be announcing my F&F gift voucher winner on Friday so keep your eyes peeled.


  1. Love this coat!! I am in the midst of such a coat obsession, lately.

  2. I love love love did I mention that I love that sweatshirt so much :)


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