How I Wear: A Jumper Under A Dress

Batman jumper: EBay
Dress: ASOS (old)
Necklace: Gift From Barry

Firstly sorry for my over use of the mirror effect in my images, my mum (aka my photographer) was having a Laura doesn't need her head in these kinda day. That aside I was so warm jumpers with a dress are the way forward when you want to escape the trousers and jeans for a while. These two items I've had forever, my Batman jumper that I wore for the Cosmo awards, and this ASOS sale dress that I rocked at Fashion week ages ago need to be worn more I think. 

I think I'm going to make it my mission to either wear it or let it go even if I love it. I'm sure you lot are the same, you think oh but it would be perfect for bla bla. Of course bla bla happens and that item doesn't see the light of day. But it's so pretty ... Yeah but it's also taking up space when you could have something that you adore and actually wear. I think celebrity culture pressures us in to feeling we can't wear things more than once which is actually utterly stupid. I mean it's not like someone on the street is going to shout ' oh you tramp, didn't you wear that last Wednesday'. Are you guilty of the wearing it once than it being stashed away?


  1. This looks so cute, love the batman print xxx

  2. I am terrible at this - I wear things once and then don't want to wear them again.

  3. This is such a cool outfit.
    Love the coat!!!

    Your hair colour is amazing btw! :)

    Love From Twinkle

  4. O GOD THIS DRESS. You look utterly schmoking in it hen doll! Love love love! x

  5. Last year I didn't often do outfit posts because I feel I have to write about something new each time, but then I realised it's the combination that matters, not the item itself. So expect more repeats from my blog in the future! I want to wear a jumper under a dress, but I always feel really bulky - I just need to find the right ones I guess.

  6. This is such a gorgeous outfit, I love that dress!

    Maria xxx


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