How I Wear: Faux Fur Coat & Floral Jeans

Jeans: Swap Shop
Necklace: Primark
Beanie Hat: EBay

The weekend is almost here and I can not wait, Saturday I'm at ASOS swap shop and Sunday I turn 31! Thanks for all your kind wishes, I'm excited not for presents and cake but because the older I get the short my life becomes and the more precious.  You have to embrace every day of life, try and make the most. So I'm looking at every year of getting older as an achievement, something to really be grateful for. I hope that I'll become a hip gran, for now I'm embracing my baby boys and trying to keep a positive outlook. 

Anyway outfit wise today was a ' why am I out of bed kinda day' see already nailed the positive outlook. These jeans are so cute, I got them via Clare from Rainbows and Fairy Dust at another swap shop. I've had this pale pink beanie forever but never worn it, it must have been fate that I was having a rubbish hair day because they go so well together. Of course I had to wear this monster of a coat, my mum said I look like I was off to a rave. Sadly no raving just the nursery run and food shopping.


  1. I still want that coat soooo bad!! You look fabulousOo xxx

  2. I love this outfit.. It's just so cool! Those jeans too.. So good.

    pierrelecat | UK jewellery blog

  3. that jacket is unreal. I NEED IT xx

  4. I have such an obsession with that jacket! x

  5. LOVE this coat! NO JOKES LAW - those jeans look WAAAAAY better on you than they ever did on me! So happy they went to a good home!!

  6. Love the jeans, such pretty spring colours.

  7. Just found your blog and wahhhh I love your style, this coat is awesome! Following you :-)


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