I Can Dress Like A Mermaid If I Want

So it's my birthday next Sunday, and to be honest I don't care that I'm turning 31. It also does not worry me that people think I should dress more grown up, I think if anything it makes me want to be more out there just to annoy them. For those that have lives and let people get on with theirs (you cool peeps), I thought I would share my current mood of how I want to dress. It's so cold still so tights are a must, but I don't even care because these gladiators are beyond perfect. Yes I want to dress like a glam sea punk/ mermaid like being.

I also really love these clip in hair things, great for adding some extra colour to my purple do still not decided which colour to go for (what one do you think?). The top, the clutch, the necklace *swoon. Anything shimmery with jewels or that's purple I feel I have to have! This sequin skirt is well every mermaid wannabes wet dream come true, basically I want to wear anything but black. Saying this my black tights are so warm, so for now I will just have to put up with them, still I've been making mood boards to keep inspiration for when it's a bit warmer. Happy New Year by the way, how rude of me not even saying that in my other post, anyway hope your all having a great start to the year.
What's your current wardrobe mood? 


  1. Those hair extensions are beautifullllll!! Oh to have coloured hair!! xxx

  2. I really like that you just dgaf about age and are happy to just wear whatever you like ^^ I'm sorely tempted to try out some of those extensions too, I really like the green/yellow one. Happy bday in advance and happy new year too.

  3. yes ou can and you should ahaha

  4. I'm loving metallic's and glittery things lately and that necklace is the most perfect thing ive ever seen! xx


  5. This outfit if fabulous - I love it! Those extensions are making me miss me blue hair! Happy Birthday for Sunday! x


  6. I have that skirt!!! Loves it :-) Your hair SUPER FLY right now :-)


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