How I Wear: Fit Flops In Winter (style challenge)

Bag: H&M
Dress: Choies* 
Tights: Primark
Sandals: Fit flops*
Coat: 6ks*

How amazing is the print on this dress, I knew it would be perfect to team up with these flip flop for this style challenge. Me, Sarah from A Million dresses and a couple of other bloggers  were asked to style these summer babes for winter. Once upon a time we would never have dreamed of wearing socks or tights with sandals, but it's now a big trend so fear not. 

So what are fit flops all about, I hear you cry. Well they actual make a wide range of footwear, that has a sole with a difference it's designed as if your walking on sand almost (the sole has a wedge shape). So you tone up those lumpy bits, while doing everyday tasks. These are great for me as I can't get to the gym, these sandals are so comfortable as they have a cushion feel and look cool too. Of course I'll get more wear out of them in summer, but I'm all for wearing them (when it's not raining) now. So this is how I style them, how would you style them? 


  1. I am totally in love with that coat!!


  2. I actually am really in to those shoes they look really cute!

  3. the dress is super - love the patterned top

  4. You look awesome I love that dress!! I love a bit of socks and sandles :)

  5. I actually really like the shape of these, whereas I always thought the original fit flops were anything but fit! :P

  6. Those sandals are really pretty, and they look better with tights. How about wearing them with socks?


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