If I Were An Elf

Sequin Hat & Necklace: EBay
Jumper: Karma Clothing*
Skirt & Belt: Charity shop
Shoes: Topshop

Firstly don't ask why I put these together, every now and than my little brain just wants to clash things and make a massive colour explosion. Who knows maybe it's because I have watched Elf like 20 times, and it's only the first week of December. Moving on, I adore my new skirt which cost me a whole 95p from the charity shop and it's vintage Jaeger, and I felt some odd need to wear it with my USA flag jumper. Than as if this wasn't enough, pop on my sequin hat. Yes it's a little OTT, but I feel so bored lately so I'm just going to mix it up and try different things. You will be seeing a lot more of this skirt, it has massive pockets and I love the colour. Maybe next time I'll tone it down a little, but with weather being so dull you can't blame me for wanting to brighten things up.

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  1. Love your jumper :)


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