Gifts For Her - The One Who Never Asks For Anything

So Yes here is my first gift guide, I will have a couple for you for the next two weeks for those like me who like to do the last minute shop. This one is for that lady in your life who always gives you thee best gifts, and when you ask what do you want? Answers ' It's fine really, I just like giving'. Damn her and her lovely humbleness, here's just a couple of ideas, you could also give her a candy hamper. 

Maybe if she doesn't have a sweet teeth an amazing cushion, these ones are a bit too cool for skool and will put a smile on anyones face. I hope this has give you a little inspiration for those ' it's fine' ladies, as we know they need a nice treat. If she guilt trips you, maybe book a spa treatment together or you and her. That way you can say well it's a treat for me too, making her feel less guilty and able to enjoy. Next time on the gift guide ...The one who always moans.


  1. These are all such sweet gifts!

  2. some fab suggestions here Law! x


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