Gifts For Her- The One Who Moans Every Year

Pick & Mix/ Hogwarts Love / Cracker Fun / Party In A Bag

We all know someone who just never seems happy, it's not her fault she has crazy ideas of what she wants and without even hinting thinking some how you will guess and get it right. So here's some pretty sound ideas, if she's a potter fan than you are sorted for sure, a cup, hat, wand basically anything themed is good. Or why not take mental note whenever she says she likes your nail polish, and make a mix and match gift set for her * note if she hates nail stuff avoid or make ear covers out of bubble wrap. 

To keep her focused and stop her from crying in disappointment at her other gifts, give her a D.I.Y necklace you will save the day for everyone. A party bag, perfect for New Years eve make sure it's to her taste and style and you could always fill it with a mini bottle of booze or sweeties. If you really are clueless when it comes to her, than just make sure you ask for a gift receipt that way no price tag and she can return it and just pretend she loved it. Sorted, next time Gifts for Him ...


  1. Love models own nail polishes!


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