If you read my Selfie School post than you would know that I we, me and Lauren (the ASOS Insiders) were given a HQ tour while we were there. Firstly I'm sorry as in my excitement of being at ASOS HQ, I didn't snap any photos of the fabrics, mood boards and design side to the company. Their HQ is stunning even the lunch area looked like something off of Pinterest  I'm not kidding this place is dreamy. 

I got to fully live out a dream (yes I know it's a tad sad but it's always been my fave part of the site) and got to walk the ASOS catwalk. They have two catwalks that actual face one another, there is one for women and one for men too. It's a lot harder than it looks too, as it's so bright and actual pretty long. I remember ASOS being one of the first online companies to have the video play mode, it makes all the difference seeing clothing in motion. You can view my goofy walk on it on my Instagram, if you fancy a laugh. Than their was the dress and shoot room, on the walls were skirts and trousers all in a colour based order. Bags and boxes of jewellery, massive lights and computers and inspiration photos pinned on the walls.

Outside this room, there was a massive back wall with all the models and a tall rack filled with every fashion magazine going. It was like being in my dream room minus all the files and mass amount of desks and computers. The mood boards in the design section were perfect, they had labels of trends and were so simple but visually dramatic. There were stacks of fabric samples, and you could see designs of garments everywhere. It made me want to go create something myself, there was just so much inspiration everywhere.

As we were walking around, I saw the all the shoes, racks and racks of them * and breath. You can tell that teams work well together, the office spaces could ease become awash with well everything but it all seemed to have it's place. I think it can seem really glam, but it's remembering that there's so much to do unpacking clothing, sorting it all, shooting it on the right model, videoing the items, re packing etc.. That of course all comes after sourcing inspiration, designing, and also lets not forget the technology detail to clothing, shoes etc.. I really enjoyed my quick tour of ASOS HQ I really hope I get to go back there soon. I would love to interview some people who work there, to learn more about how they work. For now I'm still swooning still, but don't worry you won't be seeing me in the video plays anytime soon.


  1. I envy you so much right now! I would love to get in and see how Asos works! xx

  2. This is raddddd, I wanna do an ASOS tour. I love the "work hard play hard & be kind" ethos too!


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