Selfie School With ASOS - A Lesson In Mastering The Camera Phone

As you may have seen on my twitter and Instagram, I was one of the lucky 50 ASOS insiders to be picked for the Selfie School. What the hell is that you may ask, well it was actual more of a 'how to' in getting the best photos from your phone. As bloggers we love a good visual, weather it's a bit of food porn, a makeup of the day, look what I spent my money on hashtag even tho I'm broke. Social media has made it okay to share what your doing, also to nose at what others are doing. So if your sick of getting it wrong, outfit image being blurry, that awful moment of having to snap on someone else's photo 'what do you mean none of those 40 photos were any good!' than read on ...

Firstly we got to stuff our faces for a bit with some yummy snacks, than we all settled down to see what @Oggsie AKA Olly Lang had to tell us. Olly has a massive following on Instagram for his cool, art like photos all taken on a camera phone. His snapped away for Burberry, and many others and also his not a photographer (there's hope for us all). First he spoke about the 'Selfie', and than told us to think about what followers what on Instagram. That it had to be inspiration - show them something amazing, and information-  give them something useful. In other words showing how to do hair or makeup is cool, not just shamelessly taking a billion photos of your face ha ha. Than he spoke about editing, about apps for different phones, and how it's worth buying a couple just to edit your photos quick and easy to get the best from them. I put myself forward to be the demo *cringe, not knowing this was actual live streaming *double cringe. 

Than showed a couple of tricks like tapping the screen to focus, using lighting (the more light the better) and using all the old tricks of contrast, crop, colour levels and clarify to get a cleaner, sharper image. Playing with light is a big factor, full light on your face is always wonderful but up the contrast so your features are not lost. Learn your best side (a trick I learned years ago) by tilting your head and face different ways in light you can get a very different result. Grouping photos, Olly suggests no more than three as you can lose a lot of detail. Make sure both sides of the camera lens are clean, as if your phones been in your bag it may get blurry- This is my advice as it always happens to me, simply but saves you from the smear factor. If your on iPhone I would recommend Picfx, After light, and frametastic , Olly recommended Pro camera, snapseed and Picframe. 

Than on to the challenges, you can see my results below Lauren actual nailed the Mirror selfie and won a camera by in true Kardashian style sticking her booty out. For me the natural selfie was evil, the no filter photo I'm the first to put my hand up and shout 'I USE THEM ALL' so being 'arty' went with half my face. I won some earrings on the Moody selfie. It's all about locking your phone on a bright point, by holding down the screen on like a travel card for example. Than stand with light in your face till you can't see and using the volume button (if you have an iPhone) and snap. It's tricky but it will make you look like you were meant to be on an album cover. Than we got to tour, but I'll leave that for another post. So what do you think makes the perfect selfie?

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  1. Excellent feedback :) I was following you all on the hashtag :) you're moody selfie is amazing and love the half face look :)


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