Cookies & Cream

Candy Hoodie: Choies*
Pleather Dungarees: Fashion Union*
Necklace: EBay
Heart Wire Ring: Charity shop
Creepers: New Look*

So yesterday I went to River Island and New Look's press days, seeing all the S/S14 collections are great but a tad depressing. Seeing all the lovely spring summer things, and not being able to buy or wear them yet is torture. Like I said in my post the other day, I'm currently out of love with my wardrobe, I think I'm over winter already this year and usually love winter layers. 

At the moment I just want to wear shoes and clothing that require heat sadly. To keep me from giving up and sewing myself into jogging bottoms, I wore my crazy candy covered hoodie. As it's cropped I went straight to my pleather dungarees as it's a little tricky to style, mummy tummy doesn't allow for the old midriff. Plenty of exciting posts coming up, I really want to do some Christmas related things (not all wish lists I promise). 


  1. You are one super-cool mummy! :) I get it about having nothing to wear at the moment. I have packed closet and literally nothing to wear... :( X

  2. From what I've seen of the press days, everything looks amazing! Very jealous.
    Love your jumper :)

    Rosie x

  3. That shirt is amazeballs! Hope I see you before Christmas xx

  4. that sweater is amazing and i'm having exactly the same problem with my wardrobe at the moment....roll on summer!! x


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